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The Empowered Parent:
Virtual Parent Training 

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STAGE 1  Assessment

Your BCBA conducts a caregiver interview to assess your child's individual challenges and needs


**You and your BCBA then decide on a schedule for the training modules that works for YOU.

STAGE 2  Training Modules

You will meet with your BCBA at the time of your choice for each of the 6 training module using our simple, HIPPA compliant virtual platform

The module topics include:

  1. What is ABA? Understanding Behavior

  2. Proactive Strategies

  3. Reactive Strategies

  4. Environmental Manipulations

  5. Teaching Strategies

  6. Treatment planning

Each module consists of:

  1. A knowledge check on what you learned previously

  2. A presentation teaching new information

  3. Interactive learning activities

  4. Time for questions and discussion of personal examples

  5. Homework to help actualize your learning


**Each module comes with a parent companion that contains the most important information, and is yours to keep

STAGE 3  Behavior Intervention Plan

Following completion of the training modules you will have the opportunity to create and implement an individualized behavior intervention plan that targets:

  1. Decreasing problem behaviors

  2. Teaching new skills



STAGE 4  Follow Up

Meet with your BCBA for up to 10 follow-up sessions to:

  1. Assess the success of the behavior intervention plan

  2. Ask questions on implementation of the plan

  3. Adjust the plan if necessary

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